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ARCHIE: You might not know it to look at him, but Archie is the classic All-American boy next door, though he'd be too bashful to admit it. It's awfully hard not to like Archie (Unless you're his lifelong rival, Reggie Mantle, but we'll get to him later!) as he's a good friend to everyone in Riverdale. One of the most popular students at Riverdale High School, Archie is honest, well meaning and very loyal, both to his friends and his school. Despite all those good traits, Archie can be quite a magnet for trouble at times, owing to his occasional clumsiness, but mostly due to his extreme, spur of the moment impulsiveness which often gets him into hilarious fix after hilarious fix. No one (emphasis on NO ONE) is safe from calamity when Archie is around, and while he never sets out to purposely get into trouble, sometimes, it just happens. Archie has a notorious weakness for girls. It's all too easy for a pretty face to turn Archie's head, and before you know it, he's instantly smitten. But no girl has his heart tied in knots more than Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge. For years, Archie's struggled to choose between sweet and lovable Betty and rich and sexy Veronica, usually landing him in hot water while failing to make up his mind as to which girl he cares for more. And his struggle to choose a steady girlfriend hasn't gotten any easier of late, what with the appearance of Cheryl Blossom. A curvy, sassy, filthy rich redhead, Cheryl, whose irresistible charm drives boys wild has recently set her sights on ever ndecisive Archie. Archie has no defense for Cheryl's feminine wiles, and, being a typical, teenage boy, he's happy that he doesn't. It makes life all the more exciting for him. Betty Just as it's hard not to like Archie, it's absolutely impossible not to love Betty. Blue eyed, blonde, perky and beautiful with a personality that's sweeter than honey, Betty is the sort of girl boys can't help but fall madly in love with. A smile from Betty can brighten even the darkest mood and her bubbly, always positive outlook on life makes everyone around her feel like a million dollars. While Betty isn't perfect, it just seems that she is. Her faith in people is unshakable, and her loyalty to her friends is unbreakable. Betty is many things to many people: a warm, vibrant, fun loving girl who lives for the present but thinks of her future; a tomboy with spunk and a lady with polish; an irrepressible free spirit and a responsible young woman, a dreamer and a realist with a heart that's bigger than all outdoors. Even though Betty can date any boy she wants, her heart always has and always will belong to Archie. Despite playing second fiddle to her best friend, Veronica, Betty never gives up hope that one day, Archie will come to his senses and see that she is the only girl for him. And while her own little plots and schemes don't always work, Betty finds that what works best for snaring Archie is when she's simply her sweet, loving self. However, boys do line up at Betty's door to win her affections, most notably a couple of bad guys. Longtime friend and all around creep Reggie Mantle has started to show genuine feelings for Betty while Cheryl Blossom's rotten twin brother Jason is deeply attracted to her. And why not? As the old saying goes, "Blondes have more fun!", and no girl in Riverdale has more fun than Betty. Jughead To say that Forsythe Pendleton Jones, a.k.a. Jughead is strange would be one heck of an understatement. In fact, if you were to look up the word "strange" in the dictionary, you'd find a picture of him as an example. From his ever present crown shaped hat, his perpetually drooping eyes which makes people think he's falling asleep (And, more often than not he is) and his long, needlelike nose, Jughead is the poster boy for weirdness. What else can you say about a boy who's favorite hobbies are eating and loafing? When it comes to the former, Jughead broke the mold. With his voracious appetite and his seemingly bottomless stomach, Jughead lives for food, especially hamburgers served up at Pop Tate's Chock'Lit Shoppe, practically a second home for him....and for Pop, a quick route to his retirement fund, what with all the money Jughead spends there! But, beneath Jughead's appearance as a slacker lies a very sharp mind, a necessity considering his best friend is Archie who's forever in trouble and beats a daily path to Jughead's door for help. And while Jughead's eccentricity also extends to a rather abnormal dislike of girls, he does have a soft spot for Betty (who doesn't?), and even Veronica----if only to get into the well stocked kitchen at the Lodge mansion! Beneath Jughead's wacky, zany and sometimes totally spaced out personality, lies one really cool dude who sees the world a lot differently than his friends. Being normal like everyone else doesn't suit Jughead one bit, he's as unique as they come, and he loves it. After all, who else in their right mind would purposely try to act like Jughead? Reggie It's said that there's a rotten apple in every barrel. Well, in Riverdale High's barrel, that certain apple just so happens to be Reggie Mantle. Reggie does have his good points (but they're few!). First off, he's devilishly handsome, and he'll be the first person to tell you that....over and over and over again. Secondly, he's extremely talented when it comes to sports which makes him a natural babe magnet. Besides being grossly conceited with an ego the size of Texas (considering that he calls himself "Mantle the Magnificent"), Reggie is the ultimate wiseguy. Reggie never met a gag or a practical joke that he didn't like, and he's forever tormenting his friends in general, and Archie in particular with them. Combined with a caustic wit and a snappy comeback or insult for any occasion, Reggie is a major league irritant. Perhaps the one thing Reggie truly excels at is scheming, and he's at his most dangerous when he's out to get the jump on Archie, his number one rival for the fickle affections of Veronica Lodge. That's when he really brings out the dirty tricks. However, Reggie's not just after Veronica, he also chases Midge Klump, the girlfriend of REALLY big man on campus, Moose Mason, though his obsession for Midge borders on suicidal. However, Reggie isn't all bad. He does have his moments when he can be a decent guy, though one would suspect that probably makes him sick to his stomach, so it doesn't happen often!reggie's a lovable rogue who keeps things hopping around Riverdale, not to mention keeping Archie and his friends constantly on their toes. Because they never know when or where "Mantle the Magnificent" will strike next! Veronica: At her best, she's flighty, irresponsible and boy crazy. At her worst, she's selfish, hardhearted and calculating. She's hopelessly vain, openly arrogant, temperamental and yet, when it suits her, a fairly nice girl. She wallows in near decadent wealth, tools around town in exotic cars, jets all over the world and is both the envy and enmity of her friends and peers. Who is she? None other than (drum roll please).... Veronica Lodge! Gorgeous, sophisticated and sexy to the hilt, the raven haired rich girl is every boy's wildest dream. When Veronica strolls down a city street in one of her outrageously expensive designer outfits, she literally brings traffic screeching to a halt. A boy hasn't been born that can resist Veronica's devastating charms, and if she can't win over a guy with her awesome looks, she'll do it with her daddy's money. However, Veronica, fickle as the day is long, loves to flirt and wrap boys around her little finger. Her idea of a steady relationship lasts about an hour or so. While Veronica can have any boy she wants, the boy she most desires is Archie, for whom she'll plot, scheme and cheat relentlessly to win him over from Betty Cooper. But, despite the rivalry, Veronica loves Betty like a sister. Go figure. Veronica is glamour, style, culture and class, all wrapped up in one stunning package. There isn't a thing in the world she can't have (save perhaps for Archie, and she's working on that!) and she's easily the talk of the town. Even though Cheryl Blossom has muscled in on her territory of late, Veronica is still the richest, most popular girl in Riverdale. Boys love her, girls hate her, but everyone can't help but admire Veronica! Archie and his friends are all about fun, frolic and good times galore, year in and year out. From Archie's comically romantic exploits with Betty and Veronica, Reggie's constant practical joking to Jughead's lovably off-beat personality, the gang never fails to entertain both young and old. And if you're interested in having fun, then this is the place to be! Because....EVERYTHING'S ARCHIE!!